Whats the Vision Team?

Well...We are so glad you asked! At Neos Church we believe that you are not here to meet a need in our Church, but rather WE exist to discover the need in your heart. The Vision Team is where it all happens, community building, authentic relationships and life change! The Vision Team bring the Vision of Neos Church to life. These are our rock stars and our world changers. From your average mom, to your gym rat student, we all jump in to make Jesus accessible to EVERYONE!

Vision Team Sign-up Form

There are countless teams to serve and be a part of. Check out the form below👇👇 👇 A Ministry lead will follow up with you to help guide you through this process. Oh! and you can't find a team you want to serve in? Select OTHER and fill in the notes on the last section. One last thing! If you find out after a few runs that you don't thrive in the team you selected? No problem, team transfer is celebrated at Neos.