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WE are a Church for you! No matter what stage of life you are in, what Church background you have, or if you have any at all. We are here to teach truth, build authentic relationships, and help you discover the destiny that God has for your life.

We are AUTHENTIC, we are PASSIONATE, we are RAISING up leaders and SENDING them out. 

You can exepct a laid back atmosphere at any of our Experiences and an environment where you can experience the presence of God. 

Right now we have a different vibe as we have special events, small gatherings, and are growing our Launch Team. This is so that we can open our doors fully equipped to reach Lee County Alabama early 2023.

RIGHT NOW? Everywhere and anywhere. We are in the planting phase and will open our doors with our very first Worship Experience Early 2023!

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Your kids are our top priority. We are a Church for the Family,  your kids are the next generation of Leaders and we get the privilege of coming alongside your family to influence the next generation for Jesus. One of our top goals is to make sure that no matter the age, all kids have equal access to a genuine relationship and experience with God. 

All of our Socials, Gatherings, and Pre-Launch experiences  are kid friendly unless specified. 

If you would like more info get with Pastor Jessica at