To Reach a City it takes a Vision
There are 3 ways to partner with us in the mission to reach the region of Lee county Alabama. 


Its simple, click the link below that interests you! We need everyone that is willing and able to jump in and change our city. 

1: YOU can partner with us through Prayer. Make no mistake, we need an army of people that will come alongside of us and join the prayer team! We need to seek first God's Kingdom to fulfill the mission of reaching our City! 

2: YOU can partner with us through Giving. We have a big vision from God that will need partners that are willing to invest financially in the mission to reach Lee county, AL. No matter where you are at, or the size of your donation. It all goes towards having the right resources in place to reach our region effectivley. Lives will be changed through your generosity.

3: YOU can partner with us by being a part of our launch team! We have so many areas to fill before we open our doors. From production, to worship, to hospitality,  to amazing people that will teach our kids the Gospel of Jesus. 

Interested in all three? Click any button below and simply add that in your message in the contact form. We look forward to fulfilling the Vision for this city that God gave us with your help.


3 Ways To Partner

Click the button that resonates with you the best